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SEO Competitors Analysis


In the ever-evolving landscape of SEO, achieving and maintaining a competitive edge is a challenge that knows no rest. Search engine optimisation is conducted by 46% of organisations to achieve success in content marketing. You’ve likely honed your skills in the core aspects of SEO—keyword research, on-page optimisation, and the intricate art of building backlinks. But have you ever ventured beyond the well-trodden path to explore the untapped potential of unconventional competitor identification methods?

SEO is dynamic, and so are SEO strategies

The world of SEO is dynamic, constantly shifting and demanding innovative approaches to stay ahead of the curve. In this ever-competitive realm, thinking outside the box isn’t just encouraged; it’s a prerequisite for success. As you explore these unconventional strategies, you’ll uncover many creative,

often-overlooked techniques to revolutionise how you identify and outperform your SEO rivals. Ultimately, these unconventional approaches are key to SEO mastery and gaining a competitive edge in the digital arena.

The Social Media Network Trail

In the age of social media, connections are made, and content is shared at lightning speed, presenting a rich resource for uncovering potential competitors. Around the world, an estimated 4.9 billion people are using social media in 2023. So, while most digital marketers focus on social media strategies, your followers and their connections can reveal hidden rivals.

Start by analysing your followers who engage with your content, leave comments, or share your posts. You might discover businesses and individuals in your niche quietly vying for the same audience within this online community. The commonality of interests and demographics among your followers can offer valuable clues.

Don’t stop there; real insights come when you venture beyond your immediate circle. Social listening tools allow you to eavesdrop on conversations, mentions, and trends related to your industry. You can identify emerging competitors and shift consumer sentiments by monitoring keywords, hashtags, and brand mentions.

These tools also offer a chance to dissect your known competitors’ social media strategies. What content do they share, and on which platforms? Observing the performance of their posts and the topics that resonate can provide a blueprint for your success.

The Commenter’s Clue

Hidden within the bustling comment sections of industry blogs and forums lie valuable clues about your competitors. Beyond the traditional methods, this unconventional approach involves observing the active participants in your niche. Scan the comment sections of blogs and forums relevant to your industry. Look for frequent commenters who offer insights, share their experiences, or ask questions. These individuals are often affiliated with businesses or websites; some might even be your competitors operating incognito.

Identifying active commenters is crucial

Identifying these active participants can be a game-changer. It allows you to uncover potential competitors, discern their strategies, and gain insights into engagement techniques and content preferences. Engaging discreetly with these commenters can provide even deeper insights. You can gather valuable information without revealing your intentions by asking questions, offering opinions, or simply being part of the conversation. This method empowers you to understand your competitors differently, helping you fine-tune your SEO strategy to outperform them digitally.

Browser Incognito Mode

Harnessing the power of your browser’s incognito mode can be a game-changer in your quest to unearth SEO competitors without leaving digital footprints. This hidden gem allows you to traverse the web incognito, enabling you to conduct competitor research without alerting websites or search engines to your presence.

In incognito mode, your browsing history, cookies, and cached data are not stored, ensuring anonymity. Finding your SEO competitors offers the advantage of viewing their websites and content as a visitor, free from personalised recommendations or the influence of your past searches.
By browsing your competitors’ websites incognito, you gain a fresh perspective. You can explore their content, user experience, and strategies as a newcomer would. Take note of their layout, navigation, load times, and overall site structure, all of which can offer insights into their SEO strategy and user engagement tactics.

Moreover, browser extensions designed for SEO analysis can extract even more valuable information during incognito mode browsing. These extensions provide data on factors like on-page optimisation, backlinks, and keyword performance.

Affiliate Marketing Trails

Affiliate programs and partnerships within your niche can be a goldmine of competitive intelligence. Begin your journey by exploring affiliate programs associated with products or services in your industry. Consider the businesses or individuals promoting these offerings – they could be your competitors or affiliates of your competitors. This indirect connection opens a window into your rivals’ strategies, as these affiliates may employ similar SEO tactics.

By reverse-engineering affiliate relationships, you can discover your competitors’ affiliate partners and better understand their online presence. Explore their websites and marketing techniques to discern their SEO strengths and weaknesses. Learning how your competitors leverage affiliates can provide you with valuable insights into their overall digital strategy. By keeping an eye on the affiliate marketing trails, you can fine-tune your SEO approach and stay ahead in the dynamic world of online competition.

Reverse Image Search Detective Work

The world of SEO offers unique avenues for discovering your competitors, and one such route is through the intriguing world of reverse image search. This unconventional method allows you to identify competitors freshly and creatively. Start your journey by taking a closer look at the images associated with your competitors. These could be their product photos, brand logos, or any visuals they share online. Reverse image search engines, like Google Images, provide a remarkable opportunity to track where these images appear across the web.

Reverse image search reveals affiliations and connections

The beauty of reverse image search is that it unveils affiliations and connections that might not be immediately apparent through traditional SEO methods. It’s a clever way to discover potential competitors and uncover their digital footprint without them realising it. Using this innovative approach, you can gain insights into the broader network of your competitors, the websites they engage with, and the opportunities they explore. It, in turn, equips you with the knowledge to fine- tune your SEO strategy.

Podcast and Webinar Investigations

Podcasts and webinars often feature thought leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs who offer valuable insights. You can reveal hidden competitors by scanning the guest lists and speakers’ rosters. These are individuals or businesses actively participating in your niche, often sharing their expertise through these audio and video platforms. Note those frequently engaging in such events or invited as guest speakers.

Engaging with this content can provide further insights. Listen to or watch the podcasts and webinars that feature your competitors. Pay attention to the topics discussed, the depth of knowledge, and the engagement with the audience. Analyse how your competitors present themselves and interact with their peers and audience.

By engaging with your niche’s thought leaders and experts, you can gain a deeper understanding of your competitors’ tactics and insights into emerging trends. This knowledge can be a game-changer in the competitive world of SEO, providing you with the edge needed to thrive in the digital landscape.

Quora and Reddit Sleuthing

Platforms like Quora and Reddit have emerged as vibrant hubs of knowledge sharing and community engagement. While many users flock to these platforms for information and discussion, they also harbour a hidden opportunity to unearth your SEO competitors.

To embark on your Quora and Reddit sleuthing adventure, start by diving into the discussions and conversations related to your industry. These platforms feature countless Q&A threads, discussions, and topic-specific subreddits where experts, enthusiasts, and industry insiders gather to share their insights.

Look for mentions or discussions about products, services, or websites that belong to your competitors. Ir could include direct references to your competitors by name or subtle allusions to their offerings. Online reviews for local businesses are read by 98% of individuals. Therefore, individuals or businesses often openly discuss their projects or seek advice, inadvertently revealing their involvement in the industry.

These discussions can offer a deeper understanding of your competitors’ approaches and challenges. It’s a window into their strategies, pain points, and the factors that resonate with their audience. But it doesn’t end there. By analysing the engagement and interactions of your competitors within these threads, you can gauge their level of influence and authority in the community. Identifying the most active and respected contributors provides valuable insights into who the key players in your niche are.


In the fast-paced world of SEO, the relentless pursuit of a competitive edge propels businesses to explore the unconventional to think beyond traditional boundaries. This journey, where the uncharted territories of competitive intelligence are traversed, has revealed the power of innovative thinking and the hidden gems in plain sight.

From the social media network trail to the untapped potential of browser incognito mode, from the commenter’s clue to the mysteries unravelled through reverse image searches, each method brings fresh perspectives and unique insights. It’s an intellectual adventure where you’re the detective, the discoverer of hidden affiliations, and the architect of your SEO strategy’s evolution.

Podcasts, webinars, Quora, and Reddit open doors to industry discussions, providing a window into your competitors’ strategies and pain points. This unconventional approach fuels your competitive intelligence and enriches your understanding of the digital landscape.

Evidently, innovation in competitor identification isn’t just a recommendation; it’s a necessity. When combined with your existing SEO knowledge, these unconventional approaches equip you with the tools needed to outperform your rivals in the ever-competitive digital arena. Embrace the uncharted and master the art of SEO in its most dynamic form.


Q. How often should I revisit these approaches to stay updated?

A. Revisit these approaches at least quarterly, but adjust the frequency based on the pace of change in your industry.

Q. How to effectively track and manage the information gathered?

A. Use dedicated tools, create a structured system for data, set up alerts, and regularly review competitor profiles.

Q. Are there any risks associated with using these approaches?

A. Potential risks include privacy and ethical concerns, misinterpretation of data, overreliance on unconventional methods, legal issues, and allocating excessive time and resources. Be aware and proactive in addressing these risks.

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